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Solutions for the industry

Solutions for the industry

Secure and controlled access to industrial facilities by staff, suppliers and visitors can be guaranteed by a combination of quality access systems and secure visitor management software and cashless payment. From n-Tree locker systems can be offered.

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Access and attendance control for refugee facilities

Access and attendance control for refugee facilities

In the face of new challenges, we need customized solutions. The care and accommodation of refugees entails complex organizational and logistical tasks. n-tree offers advanced systems for access and presence control in refugee accommodation, including comprehensive evaluation options. Our solutions are designed to meet these challenges efficiently and with the utmost sensitivity.

  • Management of the access situation for entry and exit
  • Relief for your care and security staff
  • Comprehensive evaluation options

Access and payment solutions for waste disposal and recycling facilities

Access and payment solutions for waste disposal and recycling facilities

The needs of depots or waste disposal sites with regard to a waste disposal system are very similar to those of a leisure facility, with the focus on highly available and reliable systems. Recycling facilities require access systems that work perfectly both online and offline and are compatible with chip cards or simple paper tickets. Payment is made conveniently and securely without cash, either by credit card or with a rechargeable prepaid card that can be topped up online.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Unrestricted access to all offers
  • Access with chip card and cashless payment

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