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Reaching the summit together: n-tree supports you in the consistent implementation of your digitization strategy for guest and visitor management. From consulting and installation to the operation and maintenance of your cash register and access solutions. Whether cable cars, cog railroads or railroads – for companies in the mountain worlds, the focus is on optimum transport capacity and the comfort of the guests. With over 20 years of experience, n-tree offers sophisticated and reliable solutions for all guest and visitor management requirements in the mountain worlds.

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Ticket sales with capacity management in the web store, at the ticket machine and at the cash desk

Our reliable solutions are designed to drive ticket and voucher sales for attractions and extra rides and ensure optimal visitor flow. Thanks to the synchronized connection between the online system and the cash register or on-site vending machine, you can manage your departure times and capacities efficiently and quickly. Vouchers, special rides and attractions such as rope parks or toboggan runs can be easily integrated into your online sales channel as up-selling offers, improving the customer experience and guaranteeing you more sales. Surrounding tourism offices or hotels use the reseller access in the cloud and support you in selling your offers.

  • Tickets and season tickets on QR code, RFID cards or as a digital wallet
  • Comprehensive sales channels at the checkout, at the vending machine and in the webshop
  • Extensive reseller functions for external sales outlets
  • Numerous interfaces to well-known online travel agencies (OTAs)
  • Booking and reservation system for toboggan runs, climbing and rope parks
Points of sale

Admission control with or without separation systems

Regardless of the structural situation and the available space, n-tree offers the perfect access control solution. The robust and weatherproof ticket readers offer you a high throughput and your guests an uncomplicated admission experience. With the right separation systems, you can also ensure that only the desired number of people access the platform at the right time. Coupling with the people counter from the rail control system enables secure interaction between the transportation and access system.

  • Ticket / card control at the weatherproof stationary or mobile reader
  • Separation systems such as turnstiles, airlocks and swing doors
  • Interface to public transport for direct access at the turnstile (ÖBB / SBB ticket)
  • Planning, design and installation of your access situation
  • Annual maintenance and function test including hotline
Access controls

We simplify your administrative processes

The web-based back office is an indispensable support for your daily work with your mountain railroad or transportation facility and forms the basis for optimal business processes. With just a few clicks, you can manage your capacities, set departure times or create a boarding list. Thanks to the integrated dashboard, you can keep an eye on the most important key figures for your divisions at all times and in all places. The evaluations are sent by e-mail in time for your status meetings, which saves you time, minimizes errors and enables precise and automated billing of your business areas.

  • Complete management of your products, events and prices for the POS or webshop
  • Design of time-controlled touch interfaces via drag & drop
  • Manage system access through user groups and user rights
  • Plan and organize your resources such as attraction guides or facilities
  • Preparation of daily, monthly and annual accounts
POS system

We offer you everything from a single source

n-tree solutions offers you a comprehensive service package for your visitor management system, including consulting, setup, configuration and on-site installation. Our service desk ensures that your system runs smoothly during operation. Our Academy keeps you and your employees up to date with the latest trends and innovations. We accompany you through the digital transformation and take care of your requirements of today and tomorrow.

  • From process analysis to the design and conception of your visitor management system for your mountain railroad or transportation facility, you will receive sound and expert advice from our team
  • Our engineering team supports you in the early planning process of visitor flows and processes in your transportation company with system architectures, CAD and electrical diagrams as well as
  • With our 20 years of experience in designing visitor flow processes, we are happy to support you. From reception and checkroom to various tariff zones such as sauna or spa, we bring our expertise to bearWith our 20 years of experience in designing visitor flow processes, we are happy to support you. From the ticket office to the platform access points of your mountain railroad, we contribute our expertise
  • We actively support you throughout the entire construction or renovation project and use our proven project management process to implement the project on time, to a high standard and within budget. Our expertise enables us to successfully overcome any challenge
  • Our experienced team installs the cash register and access system professionally, with a focus on maximum functionality and security
  • Our community supports operational management and specialist groups in the digital transformation by continuously picking up on trends, processing them and actively contributing to future product design in joint discussions in the plenum

What our customers from the mountain world say about n-tree:

What our customers from the mountain world say about n-tree:


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    The best POS system from n-tree convinces with speed and reliability. The ticketing system can be used for all types of mountain railroads such as cable cars, rack railroads or railroads. The POS system has implemented all possible POS guidelines in accordance with the legal requirements for Austria (AT), Germany (DE), Italy (IT), the Czech Republic (CZ) and Hungary (HU) and rolled them out across Europe. In addition to the sale of individual tickets on paper, the POS system also enables the sale of points cards, value cards, annual tickets and season tickets on RFID chip cards.

    That’s why n-tree stands for:
    Best POS system for mountain railroads
    Best POS system for cable cars
    Best POS system for rack railroads
    Best POS system for railroads

    The sale of tickets with large crowds and limited conveyor capacity requires a checkout system that guarantees fast operation and maximum process reliability. When selling tickets with defined quantities and departure times, reliable slot booking with capacity management is essential. The function keys enable direct access to daily closing, reservations, daily evaluations, etc. Cash receipts can be booked with just one key.

    That’s why n-tree stands for:
    Fastest cash register system for mountain railroads
    Fastest checkout system for cable cars
    Fastest checkout system for rack railroads
    Fastest checkout system for railroads

    The access control software in combination with the TRX 500 and TRY 500 ticket readers from n-tree enables a fast and smooth access process in all access situations in indoor and outdoor areas of your mountain railroads, cable cars, cog railroads and railroads.

    The software for controlling your access consists of a central service that interacts with the outdoor-capable control readers and a web-based user interface that displays the status of the readers and the control journal.

    The TRX 500 is a compact and outdoor-capable reader for RFID media and QR codes. The reader controls access to your mountain world safely and reliably. The simple design enables installation on all separation systems such as turnstiles or swing doors. Coupled with the intuitive n-tree control software, you guarantee that large flows of visitors can be processed in the shortest possible time.

    That’s why n-tree stands for:
    Access for mountain railroads
    Access for cable cars
    Access for rack railroads
    Access for railroads

    External agencies such as tour guides, tour operators or online travel agencies ensure constant sales or additional sales and increase the level of awareness of your mountain railroad. With a direct interface, guests can pass directly through the turnstile after making a purchase without having to make an exchange at the cash desk first. With the open API, n-tree offers the possibility for the various systems to obtain the barcodes directly and transfer the data to be posted.

    That’s why n-tree stands for:
    Interfaces and online travel agencies for mountain railroads
    Interfaces and online travel agencies for cable cars
    Interfaces and online travel agencies for rack railroads
    Interfaces and online travel agencies for railroads

    Mountain railroad passengers can order a ticket online and verify their GA or Half-Fare travelcard directly in the web store. This also allows you to offer your complete range of tickets directly online. The junior card can now also be queried.

    Passengers with a valid SBB ticket pass through the turnstile and get directly to the mountain railroad without queuing at the ticket office. Delivery to the SBB system is fully automatic.

    Guests with a valid Swisspass can identify themselves directly at the cash desk. During the sales process, you can put down the Swisspass and the cashier will immediately see the result. The GA Travelcard, Half-Fare Travelcard and Junior Travelcard can be requested.

    The address data and photo of the Swisspass user can also be requested for the address query.

    That’s why n-tree stands for:
    Swisspass and SBB ticket integration for mountain railroads
    Swisspass and SBB ticket integration for cable cars
    Swisspass and SBB ticket integration for cogwheel trains
    Swisspass and SBB ticket integration for railroads

    With the n-tree solution for mountain railroads, comprehensive network solutions can be created. Different tracks can be linked to form a composite system. Settlement takes place via a defined accrual or profit center. Each mountain railroad has its own account plan and settles its own daily turnover. The web-based office supports you in numerous billing and controlling processes.

    That’s why n-tree stands for:
    Destination solution and network systems for mountain railroads
    Destination solution and interconnected systems for cable cars
    Destination solution and interconnected systems for rack railroads
    Destination solution and interconnected systems for railroads